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David Robert Jones? Rly?

Is that a Bowie reference on Fringe? Or am I being an enormous fangirl and making connections that aren't actually there?


House. House!

It was so tragically beautiful how much he wanted to be good (not saying *happy*. Never that.), and good with Cuddy.

House = Love

I was actually huddled up, clutching my blanket, during the detox-bathroom scene.

That is all.


A Double Meat with grilled onions

... and a Flying Dutchman shoved in. Oh In-N-Out Burger, how I shall miss thee.

The Midwest?!

So, looks like I'll be moving to Michigan. Huh.

VP smackdown?

OK, without regard to personal political stance: was it just me or was Palin's response to the first direct energy/emissions question incoherent? All I heard was a lot of repetition of the word "climate" and "effects", strung together by a lengthy, rambling and nonsensical response.

And since there's no such thing as complete lack of bias, I have to say that Palin has so far exceeded my (admittedly low-to-non-existent) expectations re her performance. Beyond the occasional fumble or narrowness in answers, she has at least seemed informed and decided. The constant I-can't-believe-I'm-trapped-at-this-tea party-fake smile was seriously creepy, though.

I suppose that Biden's greatest hurdle is not seeming like he's smacking a girl around (or so says USA Today), and I think he's doing a good job keeping it more conversational than, while also avoiding any personally confrontational tone, of last week's debate.

All Hail Tina Fey!

Thank the gods that 30 Rock swept the Emmys last night, since Tina Fey was one of the only reasons I was even half-watching that train wreck of an awards show.
from popsugar.com

Tina and Stephen Colbert were reasons #1 and #2 of 2. I'm also gratified that Colbert and his team finally won one, though I think Colbert deserved to win the individual award for variety and/or variety show. Well, if he had to be beat, I guess it could be worse than Jon Stewart (and Rickles was the obvious favorite).

Aaaaand... there's a pic of my 2 favorite funny people together (finally!):
from popsugar.com

Who else is watching 'Fringe' right now?

Credits still rolling, but I'm liking it so far... very X-Files, in (so far) a good way. When the co-pilot's jaw melted off? Coooool...

Er... is it possible for auto-pilot to actually land the plane? Wouldn't there be air traffic control issues? Maybe I'm overthinking this.

Bicurious shoes, pal. Bicurious shoes.

I'm in the middle of "Judge Dread" on TNT, aka Mothership Shrine, while multitasking extra-productively by swimming around the Interwebs for Tina Fey. Somehow, this led me to some odd ponderings, one of which has led to this conclusion: I would totally turn gay, Liz-Lemon-style (yeah, Stephanie March/Gretchen), for Kate Winslet, Eliza Dushku and, of course, Tina Fey. Awesome.
I am in complete fic withdrawal. This is definitely one of those times when I curse the fact that I've never been able to write fic myself (fan or otherwise). It's not that I haven't tried, really. I've got pieces floating around somewhere on my hard drive, and scenarios woven together in my brain, but all those ultimately amount to nothing. For some reason, I can't actually produce a fully-formed beginning or end, and I'm complete crap at realistic dialogue.

That said, I've never had much of a problem beyond my own frustrated attempts at creativity. I started, way back when, with X-Files, then the Potter-verse (neither fandom suffers a shortage of amazing authors/stories/fanatics). When I moved to Labyrinth, I was surprised by the dedication of its fans, as well as the quality and quantity of fics available. OK, after all that rambling, my point is: WHERE THE HECK ARE ALL THE L&O WRITERS?

I admit that I'm a rather specific reader, in that I'd probably only read post-Cutter fics, which seriously cuts down the already low inventory available. Still, Season 18 is the only reason I started watching L&O beyond the occasional TNT rerun. Now I watch the reruns every day - hey, you do what you can. But there are only so many times one can re-watch the same episodes and read the same handful of stories. I have to say that I really (REALLY) love all the fics that have been inspired by Season 18 so far (much love to fearciuil, polkadotsnplaid and clearbell for their fantabulous writing - thank you for all the awesome), but I'm dying for more. Hell, I've watched all 3 seasons of Bones just to keep myself occupied! I like the show now, but I really never wanted to. Look at what this strange new obsession has done to me, Dick Wolf (read: Linus Roache, damn it)!

Sigh. Back I go to staring at my iGoog feed for updates.